Groundworks in Haywards Heath | Laying Foundations for a Successful Building or Block Paving Project

If you plan to build a property extension in Haywards Heath, or if you want to have a new driveway or garden paving laid, you will need the services of a combined team. While our company principally trades as bricklayers and brickwork contractors, we also take on building and hard landscaping work. There is much more to Maple Leaf Brickwork than property, ornamental and retaining walls, and this is why we have such a great local reputation.

Homeowners often combine builds, such as property extensions, with other services. Block paving installation is one of the most popular services of all.

Whichever way you wish to use these services, and whatever it is you would like to achieve, the unsung hero on many of our projects is groundworks. This is a critical inclusion of building and paving work because, without it, there are no guarantees that shifting, or subsidence, won’t become future issues.

What Does the Groundworks Process Involve?

Wordplay is best left to the experts but at Maple Leaf Brickwork, we like to look at groundworks as being the foundation of a successful project in and around the Haywards Heath area. A property extension, or a new driveway or garden paving installation, is only as good as the preparation that goes into pre-construction work. This is true of many different trades and industries.

The groundworks phase covers:

  • Clearing land for development by removing scrub and vegetation
  • Excavating using plant, machinery and trained operators
  • Preparing the ground to accept footings, foundations and sub-bases
  • Removing spoil to give contractors safe access for future development

Other stages include the construction of retaining walls to accommodate the build or installation on sloped ground and working to specification for hard surfacing materials like block paving and natural stone. Our bricklayers and brickwork contractors have combined experience in each of these areas.

Our reputation in Haywards Heath, like property extensions or one of our hard surfacing installations, is one that we have built from the ground up.

Managing Projects from Concept to Completion

When you choose Maple Leaf Brickwork to build you a property extension, or if you need our help to install a new driveway or garden paving, you are buying into a conceptual service that we manage from the outset with pride, passion and professionalism. We understand that groundwork is one of the most critical phases of the project and put just as much work into what you don’t see as the things that you do because our name depends on it.

This explains why we are a trusted choice for anything from the construction of retaining walls to the installation of block paving as well as laying bricks.

So, while we market to the Haywards Heath area as bricklayers and brickwork contractors, what we give you access to is the talents of a multiskilled team with the ability to offer a complete in-house service so that all phases of the job stay under our control, and you always receive the perfect outcome.

To discuss services in Haywards Heath, including groundworks, call our trusted bricklayers and brickwork contractors on 07557 872 370.